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Outdoor Literature Course:  Schedule for 2021

Note:  You'll need to have Into Thin Air read by Tuesday, Nov 30.

Tue.  Oct 19.  First day of class.  In-person course. Classroom attendance required.  Outdoor History, Generational Analysis, Wilderness Concepts, Review of upcoming reading: Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell. Discuss landscape painting concepts.  Paintings by Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran.  Photographs by William Henry Jackson. 


Reading assignment: for the next class, read Thoreau's Walden, first chapter in the Anthology (pp 3-20).  If you do not have the Anthology yet, you can read it here: Thoreau.   The Thoreau reading must be done for Thursday's class. 


Prepare for a short quiz on Thoreau. Here's a sample quiz that you can use for practice: Thoreau Sample Quiz.


Thur.  Oct 21.  Thoreau reading due.  Thoreau Quiz. Discuss Thoreau:  the concepts of transcendentalism, his experiences at Walden Pond, metaphors and symbols found in his writing, and famous Thoreau passages.


Reading assignment: Two readings are due for the next class. Osborne Russell's Journal of a Trapper (the Osborne Russell reading is not found in the Anthology, rather use the link to access it). AND Mark Twain (second chapter in the Anthology, pp. 21-29). If you would like to view maps of the areas covered by the readings, they are found here: Map #1. Map #2(Note: if you do not have the Anthology yet, you can find the Twain reading on-line here:Twain.


Both the Twain and Russell readings are due Tuesday of next week (Oct 28).


Tue.  Oct 26.  Twain reading (Chapter 2) due AND Osborne Russell (on-line) due.  Quiz. Discuss readings.  


Reading Assignment: Due for the next class is Edward Whymper (third chapter in the Anthology, pp. 30-46).  If you'd like to view an image of the climbing route covered in this reading, you'll find it here: Map


If you do not have the Anthology yet, you can read it on-line here:  Whymper(Be sure to pick up the Anthology at the bookstore.  Because of copyright restrictions, no more reading assignments can be posted on-line.)


Thur.  Oct 28.  Whymper reading due.  Discuss the Whymper reading.  Information on early mountaineering.  Watch the first half of a video on John Wesley Powell.  Assignment:  Wallace Stegner (pp. 47-50) AND John Wesley Powell (pp. 51-64) in the Anthology. Maps of the area covered: Map #1Map #2.

Tue.  Nov 2.  Stegner AND Powell reading due.  Powell discussion.  Second half of Powell video.  Assignment: Isabella Bird (pp. 72-80) AND John Muir (pp. 81-88) in the Anthology

Thur.  Nov 4.  Bird AND Muir reading due.  Isabella Bird discussion.  John Muir discussion.   Assignment: Prepare for Mid Course Test.


Tue.  Nov 9.  Mid Course Test.   Assignment: Mary Kingsley in the Anthology (pp. 89-107)

Thur.  Nov 11. Kingsley reading due.  Kingsley reading due. Discuss Mary Kingsley. In class readings: To Build a Fire by Jack London and The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. Assignment: Robert Scott in the Anthology (pp. 108-118)  


Tue.  Nov 16. Scott reading due.  Lecture on the history of Arctic Exploration.  Scott Discussion.  Assignment:  Ernest Shackleton in the Anthology (pp. 119-133).

Thur.  Nov 18.  Shackleton reading due.  Shackleton discussion.  Video on Shackleton.  Assignment (during holiday): Complete Reading of Into Thin Air.



Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 20 - 28 - No Classes

Tue.  Nov 30. Into Thin Air reading due.  Lecture on Everest History.  Mallory discussion.  Mallory film.  Into Thin Air Discussion.  Assignment: Aldo Leopold AND Sigurd Olson in the Anthology (pp. 134-144)


Thur.  Dec 2.  Leopold AND Olson reading due.  Lecture on conservation history.  Olson & Leopold Discussion.  Assignment:  Edward Abbey AND Colin Fletcher in the Anthology (pp. 145 - 156)


Tue.  Dec 7.  
Abbey AND Fletcher reading due.  Abbey and Fletcher Discussion.  Abbey Film.  Assignment:  Blackadar in the Anthology (pp 157-170).



Thur.  Dec 9.   Blackadar reading due.  Blackadar Discussion.  Blackadar Film.  Contemporary Writers (Annie Dillard, David Hayes, Pam Houston, Ann Weiler Walka, Terry Tempest Williams, etc.).  Best Reading Lists.


Dec 13 - 17  Final Exam Week.



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