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Wilderness Art of the 1800s


Cole: The OxbowIn the 1800s, several key American landscape artists turned away from the European fashion of representing the outdoors as neatly trimmed gardens and quaint countryside.  Rather, they were drawn to the American wilderness and painted it the way it was: raw, wild and unruly. 

Thomas Cole, who inspired the Hudson River School of painting, was one of the earliest.  Following Cole were two other important landscape  artists of the 1800s including Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran.  The work of these artists influenced literature and literature influenced their art.   Thus art, as well as literature, became another means by which Americans were made aware of the country's magnificent wilderness.

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Thomas ColeThomas Cole (1801- 1848)
(Transcendental Generation)

Sunny Morning on the Hudson River
Landscape with Tree Trunks
The Oxbow   
Schroon Mountain

Thomas Cole's "The Course of the Empire Series" :
Course of the EmpireSavage State
Pastoral State
Consummation of the Empire                        

Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902)
(Gilded Generation)
Wind River Country
Lower Yellowstone Falls
Buffalo Trail
Sierra Nevada
Scenes of Hetch Hetchy

Thomas MoranThomas Moran (1837 - 1926)
(Gilded Generation)
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
The Chasm of the Colorado
Mount of the Holy Cross
Ruby Range
Shoshone Falls


Wilderness Photography of the 1800s
William Henry Jackson is the best known of the outdoor photographers of the 1800s.  He was with Thomas Moran on Hayden's Yellowstone Expedition.  While Moran made sketches and paintings of Yellowstone, Jackson took the first photographs.  He also was the first to photograph Teton Range, the Colorado Rockies and other scenic areas of the west.

William Henry Jackson (1843-1942)
(Just barely in the Progressive Generation)

William Henry Jackson

Mammoth Hot Springs (Yellowstone)
Old Faithful (Yellowstone)
Mount Moran (Tetons)
Mount of the Holy Cross (Colorado)





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